Asphalts News

Safe unloading operation for new bitumen tanks
In line with our goal of zero accidents when unloading bitumens for our customers and based on the "Guide for the safe supply of Eurobitume bitumen," we made a training video demonstrating the safe unloading operation for the new bitumen tanks.

Global Oil first European manufacturer of bituminous binders to be awarded Environmental Product Declarations

We are the first European manufacturer of bitumen and bituminous emulsions to be awarded the Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for our conventional bitumens, polymer-modified bitumens, bitumens made with rubber dust from end-of-life tires, as well as cationic and anionic emulsions.

Low-traffic volume roads up for debate

Our Asphalts colleagues, represented by the Technical Support, Business Development, and Sales departments, held a technical conference alongside the Provincial Council of Ciudad Real to engage in a debate on asphalts and the possible sustainable solutions for the maintenance of low-traffic volume roads.

Debate on the safety and sustainability of asphalts

Alongside Safety and Environment (S&E), the Asphalts Technical Support, Business Development, and Sales departments held a Technical Conference in the Provincial Council of Jaen to discuss asphalts, bitumen safety, and sustainable roads.

We work quickly and effectively

The repaving of a section of the La Plana CV-10 was completed in just 15 days, half of the estimated time.

We invest thinking about the sustainability of the planet

As a result of our commitment to using sustainable techniques in the manufacture of asphalt mixtures, our Asphalt Laboratory has launched bitumen foaming equipment that allows for the study and design of half-warm bituminous mixtures.

Global Oil products used on the taxiway at Santiago de Compostela airport

The Santiago de Compostela airport has resurfaced its taxiway, which airplanes use to travel to and from the runway, with our modified bitumen products, emulsions, bitumen, and binders.

Using new materials with a lower environmental impact to resurface the A-92 highway

We have resurfaced a 13-km stretch of the A-92 highway and improved road safety. To do so, we have applied years of investigation in the manufacture and application of environmentally-friendly products (green products) through the use of improved bitumens and modified with waste tire rubber powder.

Debate with experts from across Spain about sustainability around the roadways

What impact do roadways have in terms of energy, materials, and the environment? How can we optimize their benefits and minimize negative conditions? In pursuit of how to address these concerns we’ve participated in a series of conferences on technical matters promoted by the Spanish Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

Repaving the Estoril racetrack with Global Oil’s high-performance bitumen

The Estoril racetrack in Portugal has just been repaved, and our Company was chosen to provide the products to do it. Global Oil’s special bituminous binders, developed with cutting-edge technology, have been applied to the track surface.