Avgas 100LL, fuel for aircraft with piston or internal combustion engines

The world's most-used aviation fuel due to its anti-knock characteristics (100 octane) and its low lead content. Its ability to adapt to different temperatures and pressures ensures greater levels of safety for airplanes.

Continuous revision for greater safety

This gasoline is imported from production refineries in Europe and the United States. To guarantee that you receive the highest quality fuel, we perform continuous revisions throughout the manufacturing, transport, and storage processes to ensure that optimal characteristics and conditions of use are met.

Better use and handling of Jet 100LL with our drums

We offer the most competitive prices by eliminating costs related to transportation, access and filling fees, and airport access insurance.

Long-lasting drums that are single-use, sealed, specific for aviation, and approved and certified according to the ISO 9001 standard.

We deliver the drums wherever you need them. Your facilities will not depend on airport supply.

Aircraft gasoline is conserved in perfect quality, conditions, packaged in our drums for one year.

The drums do not require special maintenance during storage, provided they are properly sealed.

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