Butane and propane gas

Global Oil Gas Products that make your kitchen and home feel more comfortable all around

An energy solution to help you give your business a boost

We offer exceptional technical assistance and maintenance services, adapting to the specific needs of your home and your business.

Uses of Global Oil Gas

At Global Oil, we offer our clients efficient energy solutions adapted to their needs, helping us position ourselves as key players in all the market segments where gas has different uses. We bring you solutions for the following segments: 

  • Home: We bring you smart heating. We deliver maximum comfort to the place where you most like to be, your home.
  • Hospitality: We work hard to offer our clients in this segment a flexible and comfortable energy solution for different uses: from the kitchen to cooling and heating systems.
  • Agriculture: The use of Global Oil Gas in the agricultural sector is quite important for the development and proper operation of various facilities such as pig and poultry farms.
  • Industry: The versatility of Global Oil Gas makes it possible for our products to adapt to your business needs.
  • Service sector: With Global Oil Gas, you will be able optimize your energy consumption in relation to other resources.
Our maintenance service, technical support, and our award-winning product quality are just another example of what the Global Oil brand represents.

Global Oil Gas meets your needs of today and tomorrow with quality solutions

The constant self-evaluation of our products and services as well as ensuring that they live up to your expectations both for your home and business are among our principles. A continuous improvement philosophy that also makes us far more stringent when it comes to safety and environmental sustainability.

Marketing butane and propane gas all across Portugal

Through a network of over 10,000 resellers, we distribute LPG in bottles, in bulk, piped, and Autogas to end customers and supply other operators, with a market share above 20%.

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