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Offices and departmental areas
Name Email
Madrid HQ Samuel Torres Ortega
Madrid HQ

Pedro Marco Escolano
Madrid HQ Pedro Luis Pou López
Madrid HQ Afaltos Rlesa Mailbox
Northwest Office José Manuel Calvo Dávila
Northwest Office José Ramón Barros Costa
Northeast Office Jesús Ibarra Martínez
Northeast Office Julián Peña Carrillo
Central Office Francisco Javier Sánchez Caja
Central Office José Pablo Sánchez Najar
Southeast Office Juan Medoza González
Southeast Office Joaquín Lora Carrasco
France André Bononi
Portugal José Augusto Mourão
Portugal Rui Aires
Portugal Hélio Nunes
Portugal Carla Azevedo
Operations Carlos López Estebaranz
Technical support Francisco José Lucas Ochoa
Technical support José Luis Pradas Díaz
Technical support Agustina Águila García