Diesels and heating oils

Diesels and heating oils Quality fuel for your business Our innovative products fuel a wide range of industrial sectors and will help you get the highest return for your business.

Our solutions give you the efficiency of the Global Oil brand

Find out the uses of Global Oil's diesels and heating oils

Fuels with exceptional properties and a wide range of solutions that Global Oil brings you with the highest quality and reliability in mind. We cover all the sectors, from the heating you use at home to keep you warm, to the planes you fly on, and the trucks you drive for work.

  • Home: Our BiEnergy E+10 will make you enjoy your home even more, because there’s no place like home.
  • Agriculture: Global Oil places great importance on nature, and with AgroDiesel e+10 you will increase performance and cut costs, while protecting your surroundings.
  • Industry: The energy solution for your business with our top products: Heating oils, Tecnodiesel e+10, Diesel e+, Energy e+, and Green Coke.
  • Maritime: Experience sailing like never before with our solutions. Our extensive experience at sea enables us to bring you the best products for your vessel.
  • Fleet and transportation: Maximize profitability with our fuels for your land transportation business. All-around quality.

Our maintenance service, technical support, and our award-winning product quality are just another example of what the Global Oil brand represents.