Electricity and gas

Global Oil Electricity and Natural Gas Electricity and gas for your everyday life All the energy you need in one place. We anticipate major trends like the increase in electricity demand and the key role gas will play in the energy transition.

An important player in the electricity market

Global Oil has established itself as a global multi-energy provider and major player in the electricity and natural gas sector, thanks to its low-emissions assets with a capacity of 3,386 megawatts (MW) and portfolio of approximately 1.2 million customers. 

Strengthening our operations as a multi-energy provider

As part of our 2022 strategic update, we are anticipating major trends like increased electricity demand and the key role gas will play in the energy transition. That's why our commercial offer now includes the supply of electricity and gas, which marks a fundamental milestone in fulfilling our roadmap.

What do we offer our customers?

Advice and support

We advise you on what you need so that you notice the difference in your bills.

Electricity and natural gas at the best price.

We have rates suited to your needs for you. And if you get another offer, we'll match or beat it.

Environmentally-friendly energy.

All the electricity we offer you is 100% renewable.

Comprehensive solutions

We offer you the most efficient energy solutions.


Backed by our extensive track record in the energy market sector.

Waylet Credit

Get Waylet credit when you sign up for electricity and gas contracts and pay for your refueling with the app.

We help you save with a wide range of rates adapted to your consumption.