Emulsions and modified emulsions Their main application is to facilitate bonding between the various layers of a road surface.

Asphalt emulsions

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Bituminous emulsions

They have been key to the development of cold-mix technology for roads. They can be used as a binder at low temperatures and even at ambient temperature.

Modified emulsions

Their use is appropriate in heavy traffic and adverse weather conditions to guarantee an excellent bond between layers and improved cohesion with the aggregate.

Heat-adhesive emulsions

Their heat-adhesive property guarantees zero stickiness for all components until the time the hot bituminous mixture is applied

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Special emulsion for cold-mix recycling

It is specifically designed for each construction project and provides the components lost over time by the original bitumen in the road.

Emulsions for cool bituminous mixes

With the ECOTEMP and RECITEMP line of emulsions, we have been able to reduce temperature, thereby lowering emissions, increasing occupational safety and health and energy savings.

EFIMUL open-graded cold mixes

Formulated ad-hoc for manufacturing open-graded mixtures that can be stored, handled at ambient temperature and are specifically designed to leverage versatility and mobility.

High-performance emulsion for cold microsurfacing

Allows for fast-fracture and very high-cohesion cold microsurfacing, capable of supporting the most adverse working conditions.

High stability emulsions for storage

This range of emulsions is highly stable in storage, making it possible to improve the natural sedimentation process during storage and long-distance transportation.

Public agencies are committed to cold microsurfacing

In times of low investment in road infrastructure, institutions are betting on this material for road maintenance.