High stability emulsions for storage

We have developed a range of emulsions with high stability in storage: Export emulsions, products that make it possible to improve the natural sedimentation process, storage and long-distance transportation.

Properties and applications

Emulsions are a thermodynamically unstable heterogeneous system consisting of a bitumen phase and aqueous phase formed by water, emulsifiers and pH-regulating agents. This natural instability gives rise to a natural process called sedimentation that causes the separation of the water and bitumen phases. This can lead to the total or partial fracture of the emulsion, going from a typical sedimentation process to flocculation and coalescence.

Applications for our range of export emulsions include priming, bonding and curing, bituminous slurries and cold micro-agglomerates, gravel emulsion, surface treatments by gravel irrigation, open-graded bituminous mixes and emulsion-bound warm mixes.

The export range of emulsions therefore provides the following advantages:

  • Improves stability in storage compared to conventional emulsions, improving sedimentation results.
  • Allows long-term storage, such as crossing time in maritime transportation, waiting times for loading and unloading, long-distance land transportation.
  • They are ideal for prolonged storage when requires in construction projects and can be transported and stored in IBC-type containers, flexitanks or conventional tanks.