Liquefied gases and propellants

Our propellants / liquefied gases

These eco-friendly alternatives to damaging CFC chlorine gases do not damage the ozone layer as they have zero destruction potential for that layer (ODP=0). They also do not contaminate the environment as they have a practically non-existent potential for global warming compared to CO2 (GWP<5) and a life span of around a few weeks or months. Find the product that best suits your needs and your application among the different ranges and qualities that we present to you.

Propel range

Selected mixtures of isobutane, n-butane, and propane with different gas pressures that act as propellants in aerosols (air fresheners, insecticides, gardening, cosmetics, automotive, etc.), and as expansion gases in polymeric materials (containers and construction).


Its high quality and food additive E-943b classification make it ideal for use as a foaming agent for expanded polymers, many of them used in the food packaging industry, as well as its application as a telogen for the chemicals industry, and as a fuel for lighters.

The hydrogenation process

Discover how our products are used and integrated into industrial processes.

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