Low-temperature bitumens

After years of research, we have developed new binders that allow lower handling temperatures than those of other conventional bitumens. These special bituminous binders offer the same features as conventional binders or even superior to these.

Low-temperature bitumens are special bituminous binders that allow lower handling temperatures (manufacturing and installation) than conventional bitumens with similar penetration. This reduction in temperature offers a series of advantages, namely:

  • Increase durability of the mixture due to the reduction in manufacturing temperature. This contributes to less product aging
  • Reduction in atmospheric emissions and, therefore, environmental improvement
  • Reduction in consumption of electricity on lowering manufacturing temperature by approximately 30°C. This implies cost savings at the bituminous mixture manufacturing plant
  • Improves working conditions for operators during manufacturing and installation

These low-temperature bitumens are applied to all types of mixtures and in the same manner as normal bitumen, from the manufacturing of conventional asphaltic mixtures to anti-crack mixtures and discontinuous mixtures using PMB 45/80-60 BT and PMB 45/80-65 BT bitumens.