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We are introducing three new product ranges that make it easier to choose the most suitable oil for your motorcycle and a new range of maintenance products.

Motorcycle lubricating oil

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In line with our goal of becoming a net zero emissions company, we’ve redesigned all of our packaging, while reducing both the weight and volume, improving its efficiency in transportation, and using recycled material that is more resistant.

Three lubricant ranges designed using the most cutting-edge technology

Racing Range

The Racing line remains the cutting edge for the most demanding customers that seek to take their motorcycles to the limit and enjoy the driving experience to the max.

Smarter Range

For those customers that depend on their motorcycles as a regular means of transportation and that seek excellent quality to keep their engines in optimal conditions for the longest time possible.

Rider Range

Designed for those customers that seek high quality for older bikes with all the guarantees our brand offers.

Qualifier range: Maintenance products

This range includes all products necesssary for keeping all the parts of your motorcycle in perfect condition.

We continue carrying the oils we always have to meet the needs of your engine. 

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