Modified emulsions

In view of the demand for products that meet the ever-increasing requirements of roads, Global Oil responds by extending its catalog with modified emulsions that guarantee higher performance.

Specially suited for roads with abundant heavy traffic

Modified emulsions attempt to meet the needs of roads that require greater performance requirements—whether due to the abundant presence of heavy traffic or to adverse weather—since they guarantee an excellent bond between layers, in addition to improved cohesion with the aggregate.

Modified bitumen emulsions enjoy the advantages of a polymer-modified bitumen, while in the case of conventional modified bituminous emulsions the advantages are provided by latex.

Currently, modified emulsions are mainly used for the application of cold micro surfacing and bituminous slurries, obtaining high-quality wearing course layers.

The modified emulsions have excellent performance in surface treatments on roads with high average intensity, due to their high cohesion which allows them to obtain superior macrotextures, in short times at low temperatures or in zones where a high degree of roughness is required.