Pigmentable Synthetic Binders

At Global Oil we market pigmentable synthetic binders under the RECOFAL brand and pigmentable synthetic emulsion under the EMULSTAR brand. We have developed these ranges for the manufacture of pigmented mixtures for use in special zones.

Properties and applications

The properties of these binding products are very similar to those of traditional bitumens and are obtained by mixing resins, oils and polymers. They are ideal for manufacturing mixtures in which color is essential. They are applied in environments such as: pavings of pathways in parks and gardens, bike and bus lanes, pedestrian zones, sports grounds, traffic islands, differentiated surface elements, paved tracks and pathways in protected areas, and special safety zones.

The main advantages of the products include:

  • Easy pigmentation for any color
  • Good resistance to aging and oxidation
  • Possibility of creating mixes with the natural color of the aggregate
  • Uniform product for all types of applications