MPB 45/80 75AV high-viscosity modified bitumen

The technological innovation provided by high-viscosity modified bitumen allows us to advance in the manufacturing processes of anti-crack mixtures and other special mixtures.

Properties and applications

High viscosity modified bitumen. A machine pours asphalt on the road the
PMB 45/80 75 AV binder is obtained by a chemical cross-linking process with high polymer content. This gives a microscopically standardized and totally storage stable structure.

Due to the high quality of the raw materials and processes, the technical value of PMB 45/80 75 AV makes it possible to minimize maintenance and prolong the life of the surface. This results in substantial cost savings.

The main applications of this binder are:

  • Mixtures for high-performance wearing courses resistant to the propagation of superficial cracks. This binder can be used to manufacture open/discontinuous-graded mixtures with the same quantities of bitumen (6-7.5 %) and high resistance to fatigue.
  • Anti-crack mixtures in interlayer systems.