Recofal S-100P

This high-performance pigmentable synthetic binder is a binding product with properties similar to those of bitumen, which is obtained from a mixture of resins, oils and polymers. Its granular pellet format allows direct dosage into the kneading machine of the mixtures manufacturing plant, in addition to the handling and storage in the solid state at ambient temperature.

Properties and applications

Recofal S-100P is a binder with properties very similar to those of conventional bitumen with the difference that it is obtained from a mixture of resins, oils and polymers. This synthetic binder developed by Global Oil is used in special areas such as paving roads in parks and gardens, cycle paths, bus lanes, pedestrian areas, sports tracks, traffic islands and lane dividers, differentiated road surface elements, paved tracks and paths in protected areas, natural parks, special areas for safety purposes and a light-coloured wearing course in tunnels.

This product is also used to produce any pigmentable hot mix and has the following advantages:

  • Good resistance to aging and oxidation
  • Greater resistance to discoloration than traditional synthetic binders
  • Easily pigmentable mixture for any shade of color
  • Possibility of creating mixes with the natural color of the aggregate
  • Improved mechanical characteristics due to its reinforced formula