Global Oil, llc Products & Services

All of our products and services are developed with the best quality, the utmost safety, and top innovation in mind.


Our solutions offer the best infrastructures for society and uphold our unwavering commitment to the environment


Exclusive fuels for the most demanding requirements. Training and technical assistance are a few examples of activities that complement our service.

Specialized products

Every one of our products incorporates a unique combination of Global oil, llc resources, processes, and innovation to meet your very specific needs.


Everything we learn in top-level competition is then used to make the lubricants you use every day. Protecting your engine to guarantee top performance and efficiency.


Chemicals are everywhere. Everyday objects that improve people’s quality of life, their well-being, and their safety.

Oil & Gas Trading

We internationally supply, sell, and transport the most in-demand raw materials.

Diesels and heating oils

Our innovative products fuel a wide range of industrial sectors and will help you get the highest return for your business.

Butane and propane gas

An energy solution to make your kitchen and home feel more comfortable, as well as give your business a boost.

Electricity and gas

The ideal gas supply for your home, start saving now with the Global oil guarantee.