Special Binders

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Special Binders

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PMB 45/80 75F high-performance modified bitumen

A binder that provides mixtures with greater cohesion and makes it possible to obtain more critical granulometric structures and greater resistance to plastic deformation

Apisonadoras de asfalto naranja

PMB 45/80 75AV high-viscosity modified bitumen

The high quality and technical value of PMB 45/80-75 AV make it possible to minimize maintenance and prolong the life of the surface.

Detalle de un neumático negro con muescas en la goma

Crumb rubber modified bitumens (CRMB)

Proprietary technology to use rubber from end of life tires that improves the performance of the bitumens.


Low-temperature bitumens

Due to their lower manufacturing temperature between 68° and 104°F (20°-40°C), these solutions provide significant benefits.

Activated bitumens

A broad range of additives which, together with a selection of the most appropriate bitumens, guarantees reliable aggregate-binder performance.

Multigrade bitumen

Has lower thermal susceptibility than conventional bitumens and is the most appropriate according to the different summer thermal zones indicated by law.


Pigmentable Synthetic Binders

Can by applied to create paving in a wide range of colors or be used without pigment, e.g., in parks or bike lanes.

Fuel-resistant bitumen

Specially designed for use in areas with frequent fuel and lubricant leakoff.

Special bitumens for recycling

A line of bitumens with rejuvenators to optimize current techniques for regenerating aged surface layers.

Recofal S-100P

This is a high-performance pigmentable synthetic binder for use in the manufacture of pigmentable hot mixes.

High-modulus bitumens to extend the durability of the surface at Adolfo Suárez Airport

Given the unique nature of airport infrastructure in terms of the difficulty of performing construction work due to the air traffic, the structure of the surface of the bituminous packet in its design was designed to include the application of mixtures capable of providing two required aspects: durability and safety.