Special emulsion for cold-mix recycling

The C60B5 REC Rejuv emulsion is a product developed by Global Oil for the cold recycling of aged surfaces. This over-stabilized emulsion, formulated using rejuvenating binders, provides the components lost by the original bitumen on the road. The product has been designed to create a customized emulsion in accordance with the material to be treated.

Properties and applications

High standards of quality are required for cold recycling of asphalt damaged over years of wear. Aware of this fact, Global Oil has designed a rejuvenating emulsion that works as a binder on surfaces showing signs of fatigue or reflection cracking, breaking up due to aging, irregular road surfaces or requiring selective rehabilitation.

Prior to beginning work, Global Oil’s technical team carries out a preliminary study in order to have a specific design of the emulsion. We establish the optimum formulation of the emulsion to guarantee the suitable design of the resulting final mixture.

The advantages offered by this rejuvenating emulsion to the onsite cold recycling technique is summarized in the achievement of progressive mechanical resistance, in addition to improved resistance to fatigue and execution efficiency. Other contributions of this emulsion are as follows:

  • Fast opening to traffic aided by the excellent initial cohesion of the mixture.
  • Quick stabilization, shortening waiting times to execute the top layer.
  • Improved safety of wheeled traffic, avoiding the detachment and projection of particles.
  • Avoids the application of a sealing treatment and its execution is recommended in the case of adverse weather conditions.